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On average, your scalp hair grows about half an inch a month and about 6 inches a year.

This means that if you want to grow longer, thicker, and stronger hair, it may take you several years.

However, you can get a fresh new hairstyle that you can change without cutting or visiting the salon all the time.

Looking for a way to spice up your hair color? Love the feeling of walking around with a fun secret? Discover the hidden rainbow hair trend today.

Read on to find out more.

What’s the Hidden Rainbow Hair?

Generally, natural hair colors such as black, brown, blond, grey, and natural red, are acceptable at most workplaces. This limits a lot of people who’d like to have vibrant colors on their hair.

The solution comes in the form of rainbow hair that uses the underlight technique. This technique allows you to conceal a range of bright colors below a layer of naturally colored hair. When your hair is lying flat and natural, the colors aren’t visible at all.

When you change the styling, such as tying the hair in a braid or bun, the colors come out to show off the glitter.

The colors you pick for your hair depend on your personal preferences. You can choose one color or go for a range of the actual rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Hidden Rainbow Hair Styles You Can Try

The cutest hidden rainbow hairstyles you can try include the following:

1. Cool Tones

For the cool tones style, you can go for a range of colors within the same family. For example, you can go for different shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, brown, or green.

With this style, you never run out of ideas as you can use as many colors as you want. Even better, you can use colors that are almost similar, such as related shades of blue, purple, and pink for a more subtle look.

2. Greens and Blues

There are countless shades of blue and green colors. You can alternate them from left to right such that they bring out both royalty and fun in your hair.

From shades of blue such as royal blue, dark blue, sky blue, ice blue, ocean blue to shades of green such as dark green, teal and others, you have many ways of wearing this style.

3. Shadowed Roots

To create contrast in the way your hair looks, add a shadowed root to the top layers of your hair. This gives the hidden hues an exciting look.

Each time you style your hair, these hues will come out to give your hair a unique look.

4. The Pastel Rainbow

With this style, the hidden rainbow colors get hidden by a top layer of colored hair that you can dye with any color of your choice. The result is a cotton candy hue that is great for daring individuals.

Whether you’re going for a spring or summer style, the pastel rainbow style will fit you well.

5. The Hidden Rainbow Reveal

As one of the most basic styles in this category, the hidden rainbow reveal entails plainly colored hair covering a layer(s) of rainbow-colored hair. You can reveal the rainbow-colored layers by tying the natural hair up in whatever style you prefer.

If you enjoy partying but have a strict boss back at the office, this is your kind of hairstyle.

6. The Hidden Undercut

For this style, the hair from your nape to the neck gets faded and colored in a style you like. When the rest of the hair is down, it looks normal and natural.

However, when you lift it up and tie it in a bun, you introduce onlookers to your colorful world underneath.

7. The Bright Rainbow

While most styles on this list focus on dying the hair at the back, this daring style has even parts of the side hair colored. It only leaves a small layer of natural hair to cover the colors below.

The good thing with this approach is that it allows you to have more colors in your hair. You can have up to 10 colors for a medium-sized mane of hair.

8. The Hidden Rainbow Hair Prep

For those ready to try out something unique and glamorous, few styles beat the hidden rainbow hair prep.

While the results are already stunning for this style, getting the hair in this shape is mesmerizing on its own. The hair below gets different colors, and then the hair on top is given a single natural color of your choice. At the very top of the head, a darker hue gets added to your hair to finish it off.

9. The Hidden Rainbow-Brite Bob

The hair covering the colors below in this style gets a blonde outlook. The colored strands get confined to the back of the head but close to the surface. Done right, the rainbow hue is slightly visible for this style, making it easy to reveal it wherever the need arises.

The thin layer of blonde hair at the top allows you to flash the colors underneath by running your fingers through it.

10. The Readhead Hidden Rainbow

If you’re a redhead, there’s a version of the hidden rainbow just for you. Spice up your copper-colored hair with rainbow colors underneath a layer of natural hair.

Your hair will look better with this simple style than other naturally colored hairs.

Get the Hidden Rainbow Hair Today

The hidden rainbow hairstyle has a virtually limitless number of styles you can pick from. In fact, you can have any style you want spiced up with this new trend in hair styling.

At the Shear Genius Salon, we have a dedicated team of hair experts ready to give you the style of your dreams. With us, you don’t even need to have a hairstyle in mind. Our experts will advise you on the best one depending on your head shape, skin tone, and preferred personality.

Contact us today to book an appointment.

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