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Autumn brings about crisper temperatures, color-changing leaves, and warmer wardrobe styles. This seasonal shift also has many women making a trip to the salon to update their hairstyle.

A woman tends to switch up her hairstyle an average of 150 times in her life. Fall is one of the most popular times to do this.

So, which colors, cuts, and styling techniques top the list of this season’s hair trends? Here are 8 hairstyle ideas to try this fall.

1. Beachy Balayage

Balayage continues to top the most-requested look for fall hairstyles. This look still dominates fashion magazines and social media feeds.

This beautiful blending technique touches-up color that has grown out over the summer. It’s the perfect way to get natural-looking beachy waves with subtle highlights.

The popular hair painting technique works to compliment dark or light hair coloring. It offers a look that lasts, with less maintenance than traditional highlights. Getting balayage in the fall is ideal as it gets you through the holidays without needing a touch-up.

Balayage is popular on all hair lengths. Yet mid-length and longer styles seem to be the trendiest. Longer layers also help to add more texture and dimension. Be sure to style the look with tons of volume for extra bounce and movement.

Ombre hairstyles are also trending this fall. You’ll see this style in rose gold, a blonde fade, and a face-framing technique. Shadow rooting is another coloring technique that falls somewhere between ombre and balayage.

2. Natural Warm Tones

The most popular fall hairstyle ideas often incorporate warmer tones. These autumn-inspired hues give off a natural-looking vibe. Going with a darker color in the fall also helps to dry hair out less.

To get the look, your stylist may use a warm-toned color glaze or gloss. This semi-permanent color gets applied over your natural locks or subtle highlights.

Trending fall hair colors tend to be rich. This includes honey blondes and chestnut or chocolate browns. Golden coppers and lots of caramel colors are also popular this season.

These colors help to add warmth and dimension to your look. Warmer tones also tend to complement a paler complexion, which happens in the fall.

3. Blended Greys

More women are embracing the natural grey color that tends to come with age. Going grey is even becoming popular for women of all ages and hair colors.

Instead of applying full-color coverage, stylists are blending in other color highlights. This helps to compliment grey strands and make them look less dramatic. This technique works well on light blondes to medium browns.

The blended grey style is done by adding in hints of silver, blonde, or ash grey. This technique is more transitional in that it allows for a more natural grow-out period. It provides a low-maintenance approach with tons of style.

4. Texturized Lob

Making a big change to your hair often signifies a lifestyle change as well. This could be a new job, the end of a relationship, or moving to a new city.

One way to embrace a new identity is by chopping inches off your locks. The texturized lob is one of the best fall haircuts for this look.

It features a longer version of the bob with a subtle wavy or tousled texture. The style is easy to maintain with a curling iron or straightener.

A lot of people are also going with more of a blunt-style lob this season. It features a bolder cut with a more defined shape. The look works for those with naturally curly hair as well.

The vintage style bob is also making a comeback for a perfectly face-framed look. These shorter styles allow you to cut off split ends and dry or damaged hair. The result is a smoother and healthier look all season long.

5. Curly Shag

The shag style works well for all hair types. It’s even a stylish look for women with naturally curly hair. The style goes great with or without bangs.

Hair tends to frizz much less in the fall and winter months, thanks to lower humidity. This makes these curly shag autumn hairstyles easy to manage. It’s best to dry the style with a diffuser for a smoother look.

6. Side-Swept Ponytail or Bun

Buns and ponytails are some of the best fall hairstyles for a chic yet low-maintenance look. These sleek and sophisticated styles are also great for showing off statement jewelry.

They tie your hair back from your face and sit positioned low and off to the side. You’ll often see Meghan Markle rocking the low-bun look. It’s an easy hairstyle for wearing to work or heading out on the weekends.

7. Heavy Bangs

This retro-style haircut looks great on medium or long-length locks. A heavy fringe can compliment most wavy or straight styles. Get the look by asking your stylist to give you bangs that touch the eyebrows.

Another alternative is Bardot-style bangs, famed by Brigitte Bardot. These face-framing bangs part down the middle and sweep off to the sides.

This stylish fringe look is great paired with a ponytail or high bun. It also highlights your features when blended well into your haircut.

8. Chic Hair Accessories

There are many trendy hair accessories to complete your new autumn-inspired cut or color. Oversized and chunky headbands offer a classic look for your fall wardrobe.

Wear the headband sitting at your hairline and wrapping around your ears. These look great in a neutral color or a stylish print.

Hair barrettes give you a look straight off the runway. They hold your hair back in place while adding style to your look. Go with a barrette color, texture, or material that enhances your outfit and makeup.

Barrettes look best with a deep side part or symmetrical center part. It’s also trending to use two clips, stacking them next to each other.

Switching up Your Hairstyle for Fall

These hairstyle trends offer a way to update your look with the changing season. They add style while creating a warmer and easier to maintain look for fall.

So, ready to switch up your style? Learn more about how Shear Genius Salon can enhance your cut, color, and styling techniques.

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