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Are you in need of a style upgrade? But, don’t want to commit to full color or highlights? Then you’ll need to be aware of ombre hair trends.

Ombre hair is a highlighting and coloring technique that differs from traditional methods. Ombre hair typically incorporates at least two shades of color.

When using your natural hair color, this makes ombre hair a low maintenance hairstyle. Instead of needing to head to the salon every six weeks, you can allow it to grow out as long as you’d like. There will be no root variation and your hair will continue to look like new.

To get the most professional ombre hair, it’s important to visit a hair salon. Hair stylists will be able to blend each color so that it looks natural. Otherwise, your ombre may look extremely contrasted which may not be the look you want.

If you like an edgier look, then a contrasted ombre is a good choice. But, for a more elegant and natural look getting professional ombre highlight or lowlights is your best course of action. Read to learn more about trending ombre hair.

10 Ombre Hair Trends You Need to See

Ombre hair can either go from light to dark or dark to light. Currently, dark to light ombre hair is more popular, but both styles can look great when you find a great hair stylist.

If you’re interested in the light to dark look, this is known as a reverse ombre. If you want a soft ombre that looks more subtle and natural, this is known as a “sombre.”

No matter your personal style, an ombre can help you to look fabulous.

Getting your hair done is a form of self-care. We all deserve to look and feel our best each and every day. As a result, we feel more confident and self-assured.

This boost in confidence can help many areas of our lives. From going on dates to landing a new job, a new hair-do can help us to be our best selves.

These ombre hair looks may be just the confidence boosters we need. Explore the following trending ombre hair looks to determine which would suit you best.

1. Rose Gold Blonde

Rose gold is all the rage. From jewelry to accessories, rose gold provides a pink tone to the traditional gold look.

A rose gold blonde ombre has blonde at the top and blonde at the bottom with a hint of rose gold. This look isn’t flashy, however, and it doesn’t need to ooze with rose gold tones to pull off this look.

2. Brunette Meets Blonde

Brunette and blonde is a classic ombre combination. This look has brown on the upper half and blonde on the lower half. This look can be accomplished in many ways and can look natural as well.

3. Blonde Fade

A blonde fades is similar to a brunette to blonde ombre, but the colors fade instead of providing contrast. This is achieved by including other shades in between the brown and blonde. This makes your ombre colors flow seamlessly creating a unique look.

4. Ends Only

Typically, the bottom half of an ombre starts near the middle of your face. But, a new trending ombre hair look is throwing out this common technique. For this look, you’ll only need to provide contrast to your ends.

5. A Dash of Warmth

An ombre with a dash of warmth will provide your hair with a textured look. This look is subtle while providing a warm glow to your hair. Ask your stylist to choose a warm color that complements your current color to achieve this look.

6. Individual Pieces

No need to create too much contrast. With this look, your stylist can select individual pieces of your hair to color to create ombre hair. Simply choose the highlight or lowlight tone you want and allow them to shine through your current color.

7. Face Framing

Face-framing is great for people who don’t want to commit to full ombre hair. By only face-framing using the ombre technique, you can illuminate your best features. This look can be achieved using darker or lighter shades depending on your preferences.

8. Bob Ombre

Short bobs are in and ombre hair color makes this hairstyle look even better. Bobs became famous in the 1920s, but today they can be modernized to upgrade your look. They can be shaggy, edgy, or layered depending on your personal style.

9. Cool to Warm

When a professional does your hair, they will choose a warm or cool tone to complete your color. They typically choose this tone based on your desired look and natural hair color. This ombre hair calls for one cool tone and one warm tone.

For example, ask your stylist to use a cool tone on your upper ombre and a warm tone on the lower half.

10. Barely There Ombre

If you’re a full highlight kind of gal, but love the ombre hair look, then this one is for you. A barely there ombre creates contrast only using a few inches of hair. This look will make you have darker, blended roots while still rocking your usual blonde highlights.

Ombre Hair: Which Will You Try?

Are you convinced that ombre hair is a good fit for your style? Then you’ll need to find a reputable hair stylist to make these ombre hair looks come to life.

To start, check out a hair salon or stylist’s online reviews. Make note of any pictures customers posted along with these reviews. Do the cut and color seem high-quality?

Ombre hair requires the hair stylist to have knowledge and experience when doing this technique. Feel free to ask any stylist you’re considering if they have experience in creating ombre hair. Explain to them exactly what you want and ask if they feel confident in achieving your vision.

It’s also a good idea to ask for referrals from friends and family. You can also ask your co-workers for hair stylist suggestions. Doing so guarantees that you have a better idea of what the hair stylist is capable of accomplishing and how they conduct business.

Need a reputable hair salon and stylist in Norwalk, CT? Contact us today and book your ombre hair appointment.

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