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Summer is here! You can tell by just looking at your hair.

But how can you tame your mane and keep it cute with all this humidity? Fight the frizz and feel the fashion with these 10 summer hair styles that will keep you chic and cool through until the dog days of summer are over.

Rule of Thumb for Summer Hair Styles

Before we get into the styles we’re into, here’s something to keep in mind for summer hairstyles. Every person’s hair is different, just because a fishtail braid looks killer on a Kardashian, doesn’t mean you can pull it off, and that’s totally okay.

Keep things in mind like your hair length and texture, as well as how much time you want to spend on your hairdo to get that salon quality hair. It’s hot out there, so you’ll likely want to avoid adding any more heat to your hair. So, here’s some hair-spiration for you

1. Half Up or Half Down

Your classic half up half down look has gotten an upgrade. Here are the styles you need to know now.


We love this look because it makes your standard half-up style a touch classier, by simply pulling back the second layer to make a two and one ponytail. You also can have some fun with this by adding a metallic tie for some flair.

Reverse Half-Up

This is the biggest hairstyle for summer struggle. What do you do when you want to wear your hair up because it’s so hot out, but you also want to wear down because that’s how you feel the most glam?

Enter the reverse half-up which is essentially a party on the top, but business on the bottom, like Kristen Stewart rocked at the 2018 Cannes.

Faux Hawk

Another fun summer updo is the faux hawk, no haircut needed. Simply put your hair in little buns for the perfect summer updo. T

2. Play with Texture

Can control your waves or curls? Embrace it! slick down your roots and put your hair in a low pony. The mix of the sleek shine and textured hair is perfect for any occasion.

Disco Curls

If your frizz is staying alive, don’t fight it. If you have big, bouncy curls, let them be! Or make your own with a ton of salt spray and a small curling iron.

3. Pin it Back

Bobby pins are your friend in the heat. Here are some other ways to play with them.

Pinned Back

An instant hair upgrade can be super simple. Take a note from Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell and simply pin the front layers of your beachy waves back.

Mermaid Scales

Channel your inner mermaid with this party look that’s laid back and easy to achieve. Give your bobby pins and fish scale effect by pinning your hair back on the side. Then hide the bobby pins underneath the hair and set the look it in place with plenty of hairspray.

You also can add metallic pins in an alternating pattern for a unique design.

Twist & Pin

Another simple hair trick, just twist a piece of your hair and pin back your lob on just one side, and tuck it behind your ear. This look leaves the perfect canvas for bold earrings or sunglasses.

4. Play with Your Pony

Ponytails are a no-brainer when it comes to beating the heat. But do more than just a basic ponytail. Here are some other ideas.

Lazy Side Pony

Embrace lazy summer days with a lazy side pony. Go for a casual almost but not that loose side ponytail.

Looped Pony

Another basic ponytail upgrade that’s a little edgier. Just knot and pin the length of your tail into a series of loops. Then tie it all off with a clear elastic.

5. Chasing Waterfalls

While the waterfall braid can look challenging, it’s actually easier than a crown braid and looks just as flashy. Think of it as a traditional three-strand braid, except every time you pick up a new section of hair, you drop one of the previous ones. This gives this braid it’s cascading effect.

6. Blunt Bob

Sometimes you just gotta cut your hair. If you’re looking for a change, and your hairdresser agrees you have the bone structure, try a blunt bob. Cut your hair above the shoulder with very sleek ends, to get maximum impact.

7. Braided Up

Braids are another easy way to beat the heat this summer. Here are some of our favorites.


Fishtail braids are a summer staple. They work well on both gritty second-day texture or with pin-straight, freshly washed hair.

Boho Braids

Look like you went to a music festival without actually going. Mix some beachy waves with slender braids and feel summer ready.

8. Shorn and Chic

If you’re ready to cut your hair this summer and dare to go shorter than a bob, buzz it up. Try a tight buzz or subtle undercuts, super short hair is all the rage. And there’s no better time to try this minimal effect look than this summer.

9. Slick it Back

Look super chic by simply slicking back your hair. We’ve seen this look on Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, and Kim Kardashian. This style has been all over the runway and red carpet.

The trick with this look is for your hair to look wet, but to not actually be wet. Use a few palmfuls of mousse and strong hold gel to get the style to stay all night.

10. Low Bun

You can’t go wrong with a low bun, especially if your blowout isn’t staying in place. This look gets your hair out of your face, while also having some texture. Tie it back with an elastic in your same hair color (or a clear one) so there are no harsh lines.

Play with Your Hair

Now that you have some summer hair styles for inspiration, it’s time to play with your hair and find the style that works best for you.

Everyone’s hair and features are different so don’t be discouraged if a look doesn’t work for you. It takes trial and error to find your summer hair style that works for you.

For more hair inspiration, check out our blog.

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