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We’ve all had those days when we look in the mirror and say, “Ugh, same old, same old.” Sometimes you just need a change. Changing your hair is the perfect way to get that breath of fresh air without upending your life.

Of course, you need to figure out what you want first. Chances are that you’ve heard about the popular balayage hair trend, but what is it and how can you get it? Here’s your guide.

What Is Balayage?

If you’re thinking “balayage” sounds like a French word, you’re right. It’s a coloring technique that French colorists popularized back in the 1970s. As you can see, though, today’s balayage has its own unique look so you don’t look like a time-traveler.

Balayage is essentially a highlighting technique. It’s unique because instead of using a cap or foils, colorists brush on the lightner or dye by hand. This gives balayage a natural, sun-kissed look,

There are many different ways to do balayage. The traditional choice is to use bleach to naturally lighten your highlighted hair. This is known as blonde balayage.

You can get the balayage technique with any color, though. You can also get a gradient or ombre effect for your balayage, with the color getting gradually lighter toward the ends of your hair.

Who Can Get Balayage?

Balayage is one of the most versatile coloring options, and anyone can benefit from it. It can look beautiful on any length of hair and any hair color.

Balayage is especially ideal for people who want a change in their hair but they don’t want anything extreme. At the same time, if you want a more unique hair update, bring on the bright pink balayage.

Highlighting your hair with balayage is also perfect for people who are too busy to keep going back to the salon for touch-ups. The natural look allows balayage to blend well with your natural hair color. As your hair grows out, the balayage will still look natural and beautiful.

The Balayage Hair Color Process

First of all, allow us to say this: do not attempt DIY balayage. It’s a very skill-dependent process because it depends on a colorist’s discretion. Trying to do it yourself will likely land you in a stylist’s chair for a repair.

With that in mind, this is the process you can expect when you visit your colorist for balayage.


Like any hair coloring job, balayage needs to begin with you and your hair colorist getting on the same page.

Tell your colorist the look you’re going for, being as specific as possible. Ideally, bring in a picture to show them what you like.

At this point, your colorist will be able to tell you what your balayage will entail. It will depend on your current hair color and the result you want. Keep in mind that if you have dark hair and you want it dramatically lightened, you may need multiple sessions.


Sometimes your colorist can do your consultation in a few minutes during the same appointment as your balayage. If it’s your first time getting balayage, though, you may want to schedule a separate consultation appointment to get a better idea of what to expect.

When it’s time to start the process, your colorist begins by mixing the perfect cocktail of lightner or dye. They’ll start to brush it into pieces of your hair little by little.

As your colorist works, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. If you want the color to be closer to the top of your head than they’re applying it, ask them about it.

Processing and Finishing

When the colorist has applied all the bleach or dye, they will give it time to process. Especially with bleach, this can take some time.

Your processing time will depend on the results you want. The more color you want the bleach to lift from your hair, the more time the colorist will give it to process.

When your color is finished processing, the colorist will rinse, shampoo, and condition your hair to remove the dye or lightner.

As the colorist dries and styles your hair, this is your time to take a close look and see if you like the results. If there is something you want the colorist to adjust, make sure you let them know before you leave.

The colorist may or may not be able to make those changes right away based on their schedule after your appointment. You may need to come back for a second appointment. Regardless, be honest and clear about what you want.

Caring for Your Hair After Balayage

As much as you’ll love your balayage, it’s important to care for your hair the right way to make sure it stays healthy and to ensure that your balayage stays intact.

Your colorist will make recommendations about your hair care, tailored to you. This will vary based on the type of balayage you received, your hair texture, and other factors.

If you chose blonde balayage, the colorist will probably recommend a hydrating or rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner. Hair bleach can dry and damage your hair, so these products will help your hair keep its healthy sheen.

For balayage that darkened or added color, your colorist will probably recommend a shampoo and conditioner made for dyed hair. These products are designed to help the color last longer.

Your colorist will also probably recommend that you only wash your hair with cold water to preserve the color.

The First Steps to Take for Your Hair Revolution

When it comes to changing your hair, balayage is the perfect middle ground. It gives your hair a vibrant new flavor while keeping hints of your natural color in place. You don’t look like a new person; you look like you, but revitalized.

if you’re ready to start that transition, call our expert colorists today to schedule your appointment.

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