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La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatments from Shear Genius Salon

Do you hate frizz? Is your hair unmanageable? Do you spend too much time blow drying and ironing your hair to combat humidity and summer weather?

Ever thought about a Keratin Treatment?

A common belief is that Keratin Treatments are straighteners, which they are NOT. However, they are a great service that will smooth, reduce volume, increase shine and softness. Keratin Treatments strengthen hair while greatly reducing frizz and creating instant manageability.

But all Brazilian Keratin Treatments aren’t created equal.  Some require spending many hours in the stylist’s chair, and after the treatment is done, having to wait up to 4 days before you wash it. Keratin Treatments aren’t designed to be straighteners. However, certain techniques combined with specific hair care products will provide the benefit of reducing frizz and giving a straighter result.

At Shear Genius Salon, we proudly offer La-Braziliana, Brazilian Keratin Treatments. La-Braziliana is one of the leading innovators in Keratin and Smoothing Treatments. Their treatments offer our stylists the ability to customize the right one for you. There are three very popular treatments that Shear Genius Salon offers. They don’t require a long time in the stylist’s chair and there is only a 24 hour wait to wash your hair. Each La-Braziliana treatment delivers a different result depending on what you’re looking for.

What is your goal for the summer?  To have a smoother, straighter result with easier hair care? A La-Brasiliana Treatment may be the right solution for you.

Call to (203) 846-1200 book a consultation appointment with one of our expert hair stylists today.

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