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Struggling with your hair now that it’s getting more humid?

We love the warm weather, but our hair doesn’t always….  Just like the seasons change, your hair changes too. Whether it’s curly, straight, thick or fine, the way your hair responds to the moisture in the warmer months is different than during the dryness in cooler months.

Humidity plays a factor. Fine straight hair needs protein to overcome the humidity that weighs it down, making it limp. Our Soma Weightless Shampoo is perfect for that, adding protein to the hair.

“Thirsty curls are looking for moisture, which is why they reach out into the air.” According to DevaCurl, curly hair needs to be #hydrated in order to combat frizz. A hydrating shampoo, conditioner and styling product is what this hair needs.

And don’t forget to protect your hair from the sun, the rays can be very damaging to your hair, dehydrating it and drying it out. With the proper care, as well as using the correct product(s), you can make your hair do what you want it to!

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