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DevaCurl Buildup Buster

Is your hair Wavy, Curly or Super Curly? Has it stopped curling the way you want?

Buildup Buster by DevaCurl is helping curly girls “get the bounce back.”

What’s to blame for losing your bounce? Products, minerals and even environmental stressors can build up on hair. Even the water in your house can be a culprit if it’s hard water. In order for your hair to feel fresh you need to clarify it. However beware of the clarifying treatment you use, many are too harsh and strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dull and dry.

DevaCurl has the answer….. Buildup Buster! What makes this different from the other treatments?
It uses Micellar Water. Your next question probably is, what the heck is that! Well, Micellar water was first used in France. Getting its name from the science behind the product, “micelles” is made of tiny molecules that attract dirt “like a magnet”. Micellar Water was first used as a gentle cleansing skin care regime.

Buildup Buster is “packed with moisturizing properties and FREE of harsh ingredients that strip curls.”
According to DevaCurl “this technology gently removes buildup” but still provides a deep cleaning, bringing curls back to life with shine and bounce.

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