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Being a bride, the star of the show is serious business. Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart.

You’ve found the perfect dress, check. You have Grandma’s diamond earrings and princess shoes, check. Most importantly, you landed the perfect groom, check.

Wedding goals vary and dress styles evolve, one thing remains the same. Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. The perfect bridal hairstyles will complete your look to make you feel and look your absolute best.

Are you a spring bride? Check out these trends for spring wedding hairstyles. Find the style to complete the perfect day wedding day look for you.

1. The Royal Up-Do

Two royal weddings in the last year with the world watching. The British royals are having their impact on bridal styles.

The Royal Up-Do is not the very formal, tight up-do of the past. Instead, go for the low up-do where hair is pulled back and loosely styled at the base of the neck. The hair is up, but not tight or over-styled.

Another part of this trend is the loose tendrils of hair on each side of the face. Thank you, Megan Markle. The soft curls frame the face. The rest of the hair is pulled back to create a wedding day look full of romantic beauty with a hint of playfulness.

2. Simple: Half Up

A style perfect for the bride who wants to look natural and not over-styled.

While this might not seem new, this spring’s look is simplified without any volume or poof in the hair.

Imagine a few layers pulled away from the face and simply pinned back. This look is sure to make the bride’s face and attire be the star of the show. It’s also a lovely way to show off a beautiful neckline or bare shoulder.

3. Put a Bow on It

Bows are everywhere in this spring’s wedding season. Bows of every shape, style, and design are showing up on wedding dresses, from sleeves to waistlines even on shoulders and hemlines.

Why not translate that onto wedding day hair? Use a loose ribbon to tie a bow at the nape of the neck on a low, soft ponytail. First, create soft waves, pull the hair back into a low ponytail. Add volume to the curls, then add silky ribbon to finish off this spring bridal trend.

4. Cut It, Show Off the Dress

While this may be surprising, a spring trend for wedding hair is to cut it off.

Two styles currently popular for spring include dresses with glittering details and dresses with bold geometric design. Show off the showstopper dress by keeping the hair simple.

Go for a super blunt shoulder-length bob cut that is modern and edgy.

Many spring brides will also sashay down the aisle with the bridal lob. This long bob, typically at the shoulders, has soft loose curls framing the face.

5. Add Hair Accessories

For the bride looking for wedding hair that makes a statement, accessorize it. This spring accessories, soft and delicate to big and bold, are all over wedding runways.

Try a soft romantic hairstyle for the wedding by taking tiny flowers and weaving them into curls throughout. Want to hold your hair back, try a thin headband. Thin black, yes black, headbands are being used in bridal hair this spring. Also popular are thin headbands with sparkle to work like a veil in the wedding hair.

Want to make a bolder statement with your wedding hair? Wide headbands, think Blair Waldorf, as a hot spring accessory. Want to be the statement bride? Work with your florist to create a big floral headpiece worn with loose flowing hair.

6. Waves of Every Kind

The most popular of bridal hairstyles is the wedding days waves. It remains a way to create a romantic and soft profile for spring brides.

Bridal waves can range from those tousled beachy waves to a tighter more formal curl. This spring have your stylist add voluminous waves and flip the hair to one side for a sophisticated wedding day portrait.

Adding some level of curl to both short or long hair can give a spring bride the romantic, memorable look she hopes for. While waves and curl are popular for spring looks, they bespoke the retro look from brides of another time.

7. The Bridal Braid

Braids of every shape, size, and style are here for spring bridal hair.

A braided crown creates a formal royal look. Many brides will opt for a messier, more loosely woven braid for a less styled bohemian look. Fishtail braids, asymmetrical braids, and braids are woven into other parts of an up-do are popular choices for the spring bride, too.

Connecting to other spring styles, brides might want to try a soft waterfall braid with flowers (think accessories) or ribbons (thinks bows) woven throughout.

Another crossover style is finding spring brides with small braids used in a half up style and the loose tendrils to frame the face.

Bridal Hairstyles for Spring 2019

Every bride wants the details to be perfect: dress, shoes, a celebration, the groom (of course!). It makes sense that on this day, she wants to pull off a perfect hair day.

You should be comfortable and confident on this special day. Work with your stylist to find the look that compliments you and your wedding day attire.

Book an appointment pre-wedding with your stylist to select from these spring bridal hairstyles. Your hair professional can help you achieve the perfect you look you desire.

Call to make your appointment today to achieve the perfect spring wedding hair.

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